Our Approach


Strategy | Planning, People, Process | Execution | Alignment & Accountability | Results & Rewards

SPEAR is not a random name.  It is an acronym for our framework to help you drive sustainable, profitable growth and value creation for all stakeholders...customers, employees, shareholders and community.

We draw from thirty-three years of experience across numerous global B2B, industrial manufacturing, branded materials and communications businesses. With strategy, planning, turnaround and growth skills we've worked in public, private, and private equity backed firms and have lead teams in mergers, acquisitions, integrations, deal identification and diligence.

SPEAR can help you with parts of our framework where you have specific gaps, or across this spectrum.

These are the questions.  Let us help you with the answers to drive your profitable growth.


Do you really know your current and potential markets and customers?  You have a vision, but do you have an actionable strategy to differentiate in the marketplace and enable profitable growth?  

We believe Strategic Marketing is the foundation of value creation in business. Strategic Marketing is not an event, function, slogan or campaign.  It is thoughtful analysis and decision making regarding where and how you chose to compete and win in the marketplace.  It does not need to be complex.  In fact, it needs to be simplified, clear and actionable across your organization.

Planning, People & Process

Do you have clear, actionable plans to execute your strategy?  Are you sure?

Do you have engaged, capable people to bring them to life today and in the future?  Do the people on your team believe they are part of something bigger than themselves?  Do they know how they fit, and how they make a difference?

Do you have effective, efficient, repeatable professional processes to sustain performance?


Without execution you have nothing.  While strategy is the foundation, effective execution is the imperative.

Alignment & Accountability

Are all functions of your business aligned around common goals?  Do those goals align to your short and long term plans and strategy?  Does everyone know what they are accountable for?  Are you measuring the things that matter?

Results & Rewards

Are visible metrics in place that reflect performance, progress and goal oriented results?  Are you measuring the things that matter?  You can't improve what you don't measure.  

Are your recognition and reward systems properly aligned to desired results?